Diabetic Ulcer as a result of Diabetic Neuropathy

Millions of people across the globe, regardless of age, gender, and demography, are impacted by diabetes. Many of these diabetes patients are complications such as neuropathy, ulcers, etc. Studies have shown that nearly a quarter of diabetic patients are likely to develop foot ulcers in the coming decade. For that reason, Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage , a primary cause for foot ulcers, is attracting several medical experts and researchers. Constants efforts are being made to derive best practices for preventing and managing diabetic foot ulcers.  

Neural damage due to diabetes results in a lack of feeling your feet. You often do not realize injuries until they turn into severe wounds and ulcers. Although the issue is troublesome and discourages normal life, it can be effectively managed.

Types of foot ulcer caused by Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage

If you have developed diabetic foot ulcers, your doctor’s approach for its treatment depends on its type. Also, different kinds of ulcers caused by diabetic neuropathy need different kinds of care and lifestyle changes.

  • Neuropathic Ulcers

    Diabetic neuropathy reduces or even completely phases out sensation in your feet. Due to this, you do not feel wounds and injuries until they have progressed substantially. Especially areas with corns, calluses, deformations, and verbose dress are prone to such injuries.

  • Ischemic Ulcers

    These are also called arterial ulcers that are caused due to poor blood flow to the extremities. High blood sugar impacts the blood carrying capacity of arteries. Lack of blood supply at the extremities makes such ulcers more difficult to heal.

  • Neuroischemic Ulcers

    Such ulcers are both neuropathic and arterial and are most difficult to treat. You need to take careful precautions even after these are cured.

Treatment options for diabetic foot ulcer

Removing necrotic wound tissues is the first line of action for doctors treating diabetic ulcers. Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage often lose sensation in the affected areas. For that reason, practitioners cannot rely on patients during the examination and follow a method called debridement. The method ensures that blood vessels, nerves, and tendons are not damaged while removing wound tissues. This treatment method helps in

  • Reducing pressure on and near ulcers
  • Optimize dressing effectiveness and stimulating faster healing
  • Reaching to and examining the underlying tissues

Ways you can prevent diabetic foot ulcer

You can prevent ulcers caused by diabetic neuropathy by controlling your blood sugar level. Some lifestyle modifications and dietary measures can significantly reduce your chances of developing ulcers. You need to maintain optimal blood sugar level, blood pressure level, and eat a healthy diet for proper nutrition. You can also take measures such as:

  • Monitoring your feet
  • Keeping your feet clean and dry
  • Choose comfortable footwear with closed toes and wear them always
  • Consult your doctors if you notice anything unusual on your feet

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