Enjoy Travelling with Diabetes & Neuropathy

You can enjoy traveling even with diabetes and neuropathy. If you plan properly well inadvance, before travelling. The key here is to maintain your blood sugar levels and avoidcomplications.

Start with visiting your doctor before you travel. Your doctor will suggest medicationsperhaps vaccines and travel items to carry, depending on the place or places of visit andtime of your travel. Only your doctor can be the best help, no matter where you go, as heis aware of your medical condition and history.

Ask your doctor to recommend specific exercises to be done during the period you travel.This will keep you alert and active all along. You must also take long proper shoes andsocks, depending on the place you plan to visit.. If you plan trekking or your travelinvolves long walks, make sure that your shoes are well equipped to handle additionalstrain and protect your feet. This will ensure comfort and also minimize risk of injury.Proper socks are also very important as they prevent shoe blisters and any furthercomplications like ulcers etc,

Here are some points to consider for a risk free travel:

Smart Travel bag:

Whether you are travelling by train by car or flying you should carry a smart travel bag allthe time. This bag should have all the essential items required at one place. Everythingthat you need including your medications should be close at hand. Plan properly and it willsave you from last minute confusion. Do not forget to carry your doctor's note and emergency contact details, and blood sugar test strips if required. The bag should alsocontain some snacks and water.

Contact information of the local hospitals:

Do some research work beforehand and note local hospitals of the place where you aregoing. This is an important part of emergency planning. You should not be caughtunaware in the worst-case situations. Prepare a list of hospitals and clinics thatspecialises in treating diabetes and neuropathic conditions, and keep it handy on yourperson all the time. As a precaution always take your medications in original containers.

If possible, do not travel alone:

Have a travel companion who knows your health condition and Wellness needs. He orshe should be someone who knows you well. If you are traveling by plane for a long trip ,it is very important that you plan in advance. During travel do intermittent stretchingexercises to keep your blood flow going.

Health Insurance:

Travel insurance must be an important part of your travel planning. Before travelling talkto your health insurance provider. They will let you know what is covered and what is not,in the case you fall sick or get injured during the travel period and plan accordingly.. Keepall emergency contact numbers handy.

Self Help:

Monitor your health on a regular basis. Check your feet daily for injuries or discomfort.Be careful of what you eat . Keep an eye on your sugar levels. Drink enough watereveryday to keep yourself hydrated. Do not exert yourself physically. Relax as much asyou can, take frequent breaks and stay refreshed.

How to deal with time zone changes and Jet lag?

Time zones change and Jet lag can disturb you physically and mentally and interfere withyour sleep cycle. Ask your doctor if you need to take any medication to avoid jet lagrelated complications. He might advise you to just sleep it off as well.

So what you need to do is to plan and take required precautions while travelling so thatyou can enjoy your travels.