Is Diabetic Neuropathy Curable?

A condition where nerves are damaged due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels is called Diabetic Neuropathy. Once the damage is caused to the nerves, you will need treatment. This is because the body can not restore the nerves by itself. With appropriate treatment people can get better and nerve damage can be controlled.  

Lowering and controlling blood sugar levels through regular medications is one of the best ways to control Diabetic Neuropathy. If the nerve of a particular body part is painful for a long time, then treating the reason behind that pain can help you with Diabetic Neuropathy.

Diabetes Control:

To avoid any further damage to your nerves, it becomes essential to control the blood sugar levels. A diabetic person must control the consumption of food products that are rich in sugar. In order to maintain the blood sugar levels at a safe range, you must include food products with high fiber content in your meal. Foods with green leafy vegetables and healthy fats can also help you in controlling diabetes. One must ensure taking their medications and insulin doses as instructed by their doctor. They must also visit the doctor if they observe changes in their blood sugar levels.

Taking Care of Your Legs and Feet:

Diabetic Neuropathy can cause severe pain and may weaken your legs and feet. This can be controlled by taking care of your legs and feet. A person suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy must avoid walking barefoot and keep checking for any open wounds on their feet and legs. To keep your feet free from bacteria and to avoid infection on that part of your body, you should regularly clean them with soap and water. Some simple exercises for at least half-an-hour a day should also be done to avoid pain in the legs and feet of a diabetic person.

Regular visits to the Doctor’s Clinic:

To control Diabetic Neuropathy, a person must keep visiting the doctor’s clinic for regular Diabetes checkups. If there is an issue, then early detection will help to cure the cause easily. If the visit is delayed, then problems can grow and cause severe pain and weakness. After the checkup, the doctor will also change the medications according to the current status. Diabetic Neuropathy can always be controlled by following these methods and by regularly visiting the doctor for health checkups.

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